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Cozy Christmas Gingerbread Man Block

Cozy Christmas-Gingerbread Man Finished Block

Here is my finished Cozy Christmas Gingerbread Man Block. Remember I am using Tasha Noel’s Pixie Noel Fabric Collection. Everyone else is mainly using Lori Holt Cozy Christmas Fabric Collection with the Free Pattern she designed that you can download here.

Supplies Needed for the Cozy Christmas Gingerbread Man BlockThe is a pretty simple block and would be fun to make as Christmas gifts for hotpads, table runner and MORE!  Let me know you ideas!  I used Lori Holt Cute Cuts Cutting Mat, Lori Holt 10 inch and 18 inch design boards, background fabric of Aqua Snow Pixie Noel, Brown solid fabric, White Mini Ric Rac, Cozy Christmas Simple Shapes, Pellon Sew-In Stabilizer and Lori Holt Aurifil Embroidery Floss.  To piece the block I used Aurifil White 50 wt. thread.

This video tutorial goes step by step through the entire process of creating your Gingerbread Man and appliqueing him down to the background fabric.

Cozy Christmas Gingerbread Man Background Fabric Ready to be squared up

This Gingerbread Man is created and ready to have his background block squared up.  This is an important step as the fabric shifts and pulls when you applique him to the block.

Cozy Christmas Gingerbread Man Ready to be Squared Up with Omnigrid 6.5 inch ruler.

The block is now squared up to 6.5 inches square.  Let’s attach the sashing strips using the left and right side first and then the top and bottom sashing strips.

Let's add the sashing strips to the Cozy Christmas Gingerbread Man Block.

With the sashing strips attached, now it is time to pull out your 18 inch design board and start laying out fabrics to balance color and pattern in the outside blocks.  Here is what my brainstorming looks like before stitching the blocks.

18 Inch Design Board being used to color and pattern balance the outside blocks to be sewn for the Cozy Christmas Gingerbread Man block.

I’ve stitched all the blocks together and added them to the Cozy Christmas Gingerbread Man and now it is time to square up the block to 12.5 inches.

Squaring up the final 12.5 Cozy Christmas Gingerbread Block. It's important to press and then square up after each step.

Here is my finished block displayed on my Grandmother’s rocking chair that she used to nurse each of her children in!  I love this Cozy Christmas Gingerbread Man Block and everything vintage.  Isn’t it fun to make a Gingerbread Man that isn’t going to be eaten up so quickly.  I thought this block was easier to make than the others.  What do you think?  Do you think you have enough extra fabrics to make extra of him for gifts to give around the holiday season?

Cozy Christmas-Gingerbread Man Finished Block

Can’t wait to hear from all of you and see your blocks!

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