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Cozy Christmas Sew Along Giveaway

Cozy Christmas Sew Along Lori Holt Bee In My Bonnet Giveaway

It’s time for a Cozy Christmas Sew Along Giveaway!

Do you just love Lori Holt at Bee In My Bonnet? She has a great following and has developed just incredible products to help with the creative process.

I thought it would be a terrible about of fun to add a giveaway to the Cozy Christmas Sew Along! If you haven’t started it yet but want, or a little behind, may this motivate you to get back into your creative groove!

There are so many great products that Lori Holt has made AND…. soooo let’s have a giveaway with some of these irresistible items!

What included in the giveaway and how  does it work?

Buttons Happy Colors Lori Holt Bee In My Bonnet

Cute Little Buttons…. ohhhh they are sooo cute!

Mini Ric Rac 1 8 Inch Color Red STR-18-RED Lori Holt Bee In My Bonnet Sew Together Notions Riley BlakeMini Ric Rac 1 8 Inch Color White STR-18-White Lori Holt Bee of My Bonnet Sew Together Notions by Riley Blake Fabrics Mini Ric Rac 1 8 Inch Color Sweet Mint STR-18-Sweet Mint Lori Holt Bee In My Bonnet SEW TOGETHER NOTIONS BY RILEY BLAKE Mini Ric Rac 1 8 Inch Color Sugar Pink STR-18-SugarPink Lori Holt Bee In My Bonnet Sew Together Notions by Riley Blake

1/2 yard each of 1/8 inch Mini Ric Rac that are Lori Holt four different colors of White, Mint, Red and Sugar Pink

Lori Holt Recommended Notion Pellon Sew-In Interfacing

Sew In Interfacing to make her applique blocks

Sew Simple Shapes Cozy Christmas Lori Holt

Cozy Christmas Sew Simple Shapes Template Pack (If you already have these you can trade it out for her Bloom Templates or Fruit Salad Templates)

Seams Sew Easy Seam Guide Red Lori Holt Bee of My Bonnet

Seams So Easy Guide for your sewing machine

Fiskars Square Ruler 12 and 6 Inch N013-187210-1001

Fiskars 6.5 inch square ruler  – 12.5 inch ruler not included. (One of Lori’s recommended notions)

Aurifil Hand Quilting Bee In My Bonnet Lori Holt Thread

Hand Quilting Aurifil Thread – The Embroidery Floss is sold out but if you use two strands of the Hand Quilting Aurifil Thread that is the same thickness of the Embroidery Floss. Then the Aurifil Thread has a double value for you. If you would rather not have the Hand Quilting Aurifil Thread we can send you the Happy Colors 50 weight Bee In My Bonnet Thread!

Stick Its Glue Dots Medium 1 inch Lori Holt Bee of My Bonnet

Stick-its 1 inch dots (Another one of Lori’s recommended notions to keep your ruler from not shifting on your fabric)

NOW!!!! For me a giveaway is never fun if you don’t share it with a friend. So whatever friend you recommend to participate in the giveaway will win some things too! I can’t just give all these great items to one person! We have to share don’t we? So your friend won’t win the grand prize but I will have her select three items that she would like too! Isn’t this just a lot of fun?

How does the giveaway work?

  1. You can enter the giveaway below by commenting and then sharing this post on social media or email to a friend use the hashtag #stitchesquiltinggiveaway so I can find it!  Just let me know how you shared it below.
  2. You can enter the giveaway on Stitches Quilting Instagram Account by following Stitches Quilting, liking the giveaway post and commenting on the post recommending it to a friend. You can also repost the giveaway image to your Instagram account for extra entries.  Be sure to use the hashtag #stitchesquiltinggiveaway so I can find it!
  3. You can comment on the Stitches Quilting Facebook Giveaway Post.
  4. You can repin the Giveaway to Pinterest once again with the hashtag #stitchesquiltinggiveaway so I can find it!
  5. You can subscribe to Stitches Quilting this week for extra entries too because then you will learn about the winner, future giveaways, sales, etc…

Now you can buy all these more Lori Holt products at Stitches Quilting and learn more about Lori Holt’s products and recommended notions here.  I try to make sure that Stitches Quilting has the lowest prices on the internet.  There is free shipping in the United States for orders over $100.00.  One thing that Stitches Quilting is very popular for are the Happy Color Fat Quarter Bundles that are the perfect bright happy fabrics in gingham, polka dots, plaids, etc… to use in Lori Holt’s projects.

Remember if you still have time to join us for the Lori Holt Christmas Sew Along.  The blocks are easy to put together and very fulfilling.  I can’t wait to snuggle with my Cozy Christmas Quilt by the fireplace and lighted tree with family around and a warm hot cocoa in my hand.   Are you making your quilt for yourself or another?  Are you making your quilt from unique fabric?  What is your favorite block that you can’t wait to make?  Or what is your favorite Lori Holt Notion to use?  I’m loving her new double sided Cute Cuts Cutting Mats.

Cute Cuts Cutting Mats by Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet

Tasha Noel Pixie Noel Fabric Collection by Riley Blake

You will notice on my block that I am not using Lori Holt’s Cozy Christmas Fabric with the Cozy Christmas pattern – I’ll actually using Tasha Noel’s Pixie Noel Fabric Collection along with  Riley Blake basics.  So if you didn’t buy the quilt kit don’t worry because I have seen gorgeous blocks being made using lots of different fabrics.  Search Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #Cozy ChristmasSewAlong to find other people making the blocks.

Cozy Christmas Tree with Happy Notions

Well have fun with the Giveaway and Inspiring each other to stitch away!

Lots of Love,


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