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Four Square in a Nine Patch Modern Quilt Block

Four Square in a Nine Path Modern Block Cloud9 Cirrus Solids

Four Square in a Nine Patch Modern Block

Doesn’t Four Square bring back playground memories from elementary school?  The very first quilt I made 20 plus years ago was a nine patch.  I thought it would be fun to call this Four Square in a Nine Patch Modern Block for the 2016 Cloud9 Cirru

Clou9 Cirrus Solids 2016 New Block Hop
s Solids New Block Blog Hop.  I received these fabrics from Cloud9 and they sat in my inbox as I



Daydreamed what I would create with these beautiful solids.  Every so often during my day, I loved reaching over and feeling the softness of these 100% Organic Cotton Solids.  YUM!  The colors of the Cloud9 Cirrus Solids are Amazon, Sky, Iris, Lilac and Shadow.

I’ve enjoyed the 100 days 100 blocks on social media from Tula Pink’s Book of Modern Blocks.  I thought to myself, how I appreciate simple but yet modern those blocks are.  So I decided to go simple and modern with these gorgeous fabrics for a modern block design. I hope that a beginning quilter won’t feel overwhelmed by the 4 square in a Nine Patch Modern Quilt block and a seasoned quilter may want to quickly bust this block out for a fast project.  The repeat is a stunning quilt but that is for a later post.

Let’s get started!  I’m using the Shadow gray in this block almost as if it is a background solid.  Then I selected the two blue Amazon and Sky to offset each other diagonally with the Iris and Lilac to offset each other diagonally.

To create the 12.5 inch finished block, use the following instructions:

Cut one 2.5 inch square block from each of the 4 colored fabrics – Amazon, Sky, Iris and Lilac

Clou9 Cirrus Solids 2016 New Block Hop

Now it’s time to cut one 5 inch square block from each of the 4 colored fabrics.  Don’t let these pictures fool you the upper picture is the 2.5 inch size blocks cut and then the lower picture is the 5 inch square blocks cut from each colored fabric.

Clou9 Cirrus Solids 2016 New Block Hop








Cut 1 – 2.5 inch strip by 42 inches long of the Grey Shadow.  Then cut the 2.5 inch strip into 8 – 2.5 x 5 inch strips.

This image is the 8 Grey Shadow strips laid out like a flower with all the scraps of the fabric as a center.  I’m sorry… even the scraps were so pretty that I was too tempted to play and make a pretty flower to display the grey strips.

Clou9 Cirrus Solids 2016 New Block Hop


Let’s start stitching!  

We are going to construct this block into 2 different sets of sections – “inner” and “outer”.  This is a layout of the inner section using the 4 – 2.5 inch square block in the inside and the 2.5 by 5 inch Grey Shadow Rectangle Blocks.

Four Square in a Nine Patch Modern Block Layout

Stitch the blocks together in two separate strips and then press them flat.

Using Clover Fork Pin to piece a quilt block




Press your inner block strips after stitching together.  Use the fork pins to match your seams and stitch the two inner block strips together.  Have you used fork pins before?  They are a lot of fun and get great matching seams.  If you want to purchase them from Stitches Quilting you can here.  They are also a great gift for your Quilty Sewing Friends for Christmas as an affordably priced item.

Four Square in a Nine Patch Modern Block Layout

After stitching the two inner block strips together, remove the fork pins and press.  This is what everything should look like now.

Using Clover Fork Pin to piece a quilt block
 Here is the layout of the outer section blocks and how they will be stitched together.  Now we are laying 2 of the 2.5 x 5 inch rectangles horizontally to each other with the 5 inch squares placed on either side of the rectangles.  Be sure to arrange your blue hues diagonally and the purple hues diagonally consistent with the inner block strip that you just stitched.

Four Square in a Nine Patch Modern Block Layout

After stitching the outer block rows together, press the outer block strips and then lay them out by the joined two inner block strips.  When laying out the outer blocks take note of the color pattern and confirm that you have the rows lined up to the color pattern that you desire.

Using Clover Fork Pin to piece a quilt block




Use fork pins to match your seams carefully and attch the two outer sections to the inner section as laid out above.  Press your block carefully to prepare the squaring up of your block to a 12.5 inch size. For convenience I am using a 12.5 inch square ruler to precisely square up my block.

Square up your quilt block Cloud9 Cirrus Solids





Here is what your finished block will look like.  There will be a post later this week to show you how to arrange this block into a full quilt with quilt size deminsions, cutting instructions and yardage needed.  Be sure to subscribe to Stitches Quilting to get an email with the FREE Four Square in a Nine Block Modern Quilt Pattern.

Four Square in a Nine Path Modern Block Cloud9 Cirrus Solids

I truly enjoyed working with these gorgeous Cloud9 Cirrus Solids.  I would recommend purchasing them.  I will place an order with Cloud9 to carry them in the store to purchase as yardage.  Use the yardage to make any of the blocks that you have seen on the Cloud9 Cirrus Solids New Block Blog Hop.

I want to thank our hosts and the 62 other bloggers that joined this blog hop and each created an unique modern block for you with a free pattern.  To visit the other quilt blogger pages you can click the links to follow them organized by the three separate days that we posted our blog posts.  You will be impressed with these brilliant women, quilt blocks and Cloud9 fabrics.

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Now that’s a phenomenal line up of bloggers!  Be sure to enter the giveaway to win prizes in celebration of this Cloud9 Cirrus Solds 100% Organic Cotton New Block Blog Hop.

Let me know if you have any questions about this pattern or suggestions to improve the pattern.  I can’t wait to hear what you think about the Blog Hop!

Happy Stitches,

Deanna Wall at Stitches Quilting



Now while you are gone I’ll be here Happily Stitching Away and coming up with brilliant quilting and sewing projects to share with all of you.  Be sure to subscribe to Stitches Quilting and follow me on Instagram and Facebook.  I have the most fun there engaging with all of you inspried by the beautiful things you are doing.   XOXO

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20 thoughts on “Four Square in a Nine Patch Modern Quilt Block

  1. Lovely simple block that really uses the fabrics to their best advantage!

  2. Four Square for me reminds me of the corner shops or dairies in New Zealand called Four Square!! Lovely block and great tutorial.

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  15. Combining the two blocks is a great idea! I can see that it would be really fun made up as a whole quilt. It would be great for scrappy quilts too 🙂

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  19. Four square really does bring back memories of elementary school PE class for me, too, Deanna. Lovely block and thank you so much for participating in the hop!

  20. Love the simplicity of your design-the color combinations say it all-very nice! Thank you, Susan

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