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Stitches Quilting AUTUMN FABRIC Giveaway Pre Black Friday

Black Friday Stitches Quilting Fabric Giveaway

Stitches Quilting Autumn Fabric Giveaway Pre Black Friday

It’s time for another giveaway to celebrate the season!  So before Black Friday, Stitches Quilting has some Autumn Fabric to giveaway.  There are several ways to enter the giveaway and you can enter more than once.

There will be 5 Autumn Giveaway Winners Stitches Quilting
There will be 5 Autumn Giveaway Winners

There will be 5 Stitches Quilting Autumn Giveaway Winners that will receive a package of Autumn Fabric in the mail!  The giveaway will be open from November 17 to 23, 2015.

Stitches Quilting Love Autumn

Please share Stitches Quilting Autumn Giveaway.  I am trying to get this blog and quilt store soaring to bring you the brilliant ideas, incredible fabrics, free patterns, tutorials, ideas and more.  All you creatives out there, please leave comments and let me know what you like to see in creative blogs or online stores

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Stitches Quilting Autumn Giveaway Black Friday Fabric


I promise to notice if you share or pin this Giveaway Post with others… Just use

#stitchesquiltingfall giveaway
#stitchesquiltingfall when you share and I will find it!

I will also host 4 fantastic giveaways in the next two months.  Please follow me as I will have lots to offer.

I am generous at heart and love to share my enthusiasm for quilting, sewing, being smartly frugal, fantastic parenting, home décor, crafting, DIY and more!  I love FABRIC, threads and want to help all of you find the best way to get and use those things.  I’m also a dreamer of becoming a fabric designer and working on that too!  Dreams…. I bet you have those too!  What dreams do you have?  What dreams are you working towards?  What style of quilting or sewing are you drawn to?

Choose one or all the ways to enter the giveaway!  If you are the kind of person that just likes to enter a giveaway once then please do so as all entries are equal just doing more increases your odds as I can use all the extra love and time you can offer but…. I know time is a precious commodity too so let’s get practical!

The 5 winners will be randomly selected.  Due to laws in other countries, only individuals in the US can enter.  No purchase is necessary to enter the giveaway.  You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

40% OFF Quilting Stitches FALL SALE Storewide
40% OFF Quilting Stitches FALL SALE Storewide

Right now everything in the Stitches Quilting Store is 40% off and free shipping!  That is like cost to ME!  Isn’t that a giveaway too?

We just remodeled our creative shop and studio!  We shampooed carpets, moved heavy antique cabinets, shelving, displays, long arm quilting machine, sewing machines, inventory and more!  That was a lot of stuff.  I don’t have everything set back up but I can’t wait for you to see our new space and inspire you with lots of ideas to showcase your things!  So buy as much as you can so I don’t have to move or arrange more inventory than I have to!

Thank you everyone for entering…  I have wonderful plans of free ornament patterns, free quilt patterns, free Christmas Tree Skirt patterns, Traditional Holiday Decorating, Grinchy Holiday Decorating, Affordable Personal Gifts to Make, DIY projects, Sales, Giveaways and Inspiration to Keep You Motivated and going!  Let me know what you would like help in and I will deliver it!

If you have a creative idea, blog or business and think we might be a good fit, let me know if you would like to collaborate on something.  I’m always looking for other creative friends!  Email me at

Lots of happy thoughts being sent your way!

Deanna Wall Stitches Quilting Fall Sale 40 percent OFF your entire shopping cart

27 thoughts on “Stitches Quilting AUTUMN FABRIC Giveaway Pre Black Friday

  1. I love reading about others projects and getting ideas for new ones to work on myself. I took a 3 year break from sewing, but started back this year and have loved working on some fun projects. Mine are all beginner level sewing, but I love to look at more advanced pieces and aim to get to the point where I can make those someday.

  2. I am glad I found this blog!

  3. I love to read creative blogs for quick and easy projects.

  4. I am new to quilting so like tutorial and tips for new quilters x

  5. Awesome! I’m new and excited to check out your blog. I love quilting and I’m in south Utah county😊

  6. What I like to see is modern quilt designs, technique tricks and tips, plus gorgeous photos. Giveaways are always fun too! duchick at gmail dot com

  7. I like seeing difficult quilt patterns made easy. Quilts shown in different colorways. Tutorials always help.

  8. I like new patterns, new ways to make things, new ideas, new fabrics.

  9. I like to learn new tricks and tips. Plus see color combinations for ideas and inspiration.

  10. I love to find new ideas..Inspiration…new tools to use when sewing/quilting…even cooking! ( we have 2 sons that are Chefs!)….& like the convenience of shopping from Home! 🙂

  11. I love seeing pictures of projects made and of course tutorials.

  12. I like to see beautiful quilts with tutorials and techniques and tips that make quilting even more fun!

  13. I love to discover new ideas and find inspiration on new quilting blogs

  14. I like a quilt store that is prompt in service, gives out advice and has lots of inspiration!

  15. I love seeing everyone’s finishes! Sew many creative quilters out there in blogland.

  16. I really enjoy new patterns, fabrics and tutorials.

  17. I love the purple fabrics.

  18. I like to see new fabric lines and projects made with them, and I like tutorials on techniques. I also like personal stories of artistic inspiration and the process of making a quilt or project. I hope your blog and quilt store soars! Thanks for the beautiful giveaway. I love those delicious plum colors.

  19. I like to shop with small businesses for personal service and with online, there is big convenience and speed, by not having to drive.


    1. Darlene, I like to shop online too. I don’t enjoy driving all over town, getting in and out of my vehicle, going into stores and not finding what I really am looking for. Shopping online just makes sense these days! I went and visited your blog at and love what you are doing. Your explanation and tips with sewing the zipper in the boxy bag is fantastic! Let me know if you ever need a quilty blog buddy to join in on a blog hop or giveaway! I’m always available with time and resources to share! Happy Stitching, Deanna

  20. I like to see a mix of news, offers, tutorials – and lots of pics!!

    1. When I visit blogs, I like the news, offers, tutorial too! I’m glad you like pictures because I sure love to take them and post them! Hope to see you again soon. Thanks for the feedback!

  21. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. I would like to see new ideas for quilts and wall hangings as well as gifts. Also like tutorials.

  22. I like to find inspiration and beautiful fabric and tools of the trade. Friendly people and great prices.

    1. Doris, I agree that finding inspiration, beautiful fabric, efficient tools with friendly people but good prices so we know we are spending our money on what we really need to spend it on! I’m very frugal and appreciate a good deal but more than anything share the love of a hobby when making it affordable just makes me smile without ever decreasing quality!

  23. I shared this on Facebook and Twitter.

    1. Thanks Doris for the sharing love for this small scale but personal online quilt shoppe! Happy Stitching! Deanna

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