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Giveaway Lori Holt Signed Quilt Books

Giveaway Lori Holt Signed Quilt Books Farm Girl Vintage Quilty Fun Great Granny Squared Bee In My Bonnet

Giveaway Lori Holt Signed Quilt Books

Congratulations!  The winner of the 3 Lori Holt autographed books is Christina Johnson!  She shared this giveaway with Janet Goins and Janet will win one of Lori Holt’s book of her choice!

Thank you everyone to participating in the giveaway!!!!  To purchase


Farm Girl Vintage on Sale $19.95 Regular $28.74

Quilty Fun on Sale $21.95 Regular $28.74

Great Granny Squared on Sale $11.38 Regular $13.38

Three signed Quilting Books by the author Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet. The books include Farm Girl Vintage, Quilty Fun and Great Granny Squared. Each of one of these books has Lori Holt’s signature in it!!


Red Wire Basket and Happy Colors Fabric Bundle not part of the giveaway but using to make the picture look great!!! If u would like a Happy Colors 18, 24 or 36 Fat Quarter Bundle it is on sale for $29.85, $39.84 or $59.76 click here to purchase.

HAPPY COLORS Fat Quarter Bundle for Farm Girl Vintage Quilty Fun or Great Granny Squared

If you are a fan of Lori Holt, I just wrote a blog post explaining all of her favorite Quilty and Sewing Notions with pictures, descriptions and videos on my latest blog post. Click here to check out Lori Holts other new and recommended notions!

Lori Holt Recommended Notions of Bee in My Bonnet

Can’t wait to share these 3 autographed books with the lucky winner. I have more of Lori Holt’s signed books to giveaway too … I just have to keep doing these fun giveaways!!! Giveaway ends Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at midnight mountain standard time.

To enter the giveaway, comment below what you favorite summer time activity is. You can also join in on the fun over at Instagram or Facebook.

The giveaway closes at midnight MST. I want everyone to be a winner though!!!! 👏
So I am offering these HAPPY COLORS 18, 24 or 36 fat quarter bundles at the following prices:

Happy Colors 18 Fat Quarter Bundle for Lori of Bee In My Bonnet Books Farm Girl Vintage Quilty Fun
$29.95 for 18 HAPPY COLORS Fat Quarters ($1.66 each fat quarter)
Happy Colors 24 Fat Quarter Bundle for Lori of Bee In My Bonnet Books Farm Girl Vintage Quilty Fun
$39.84 for 24 HAPPY COLORS Fat Quarters ($1.66 each fat quarter)


Happy Colors 36 Fat Quarter Bundle for Lori of Bee In My Bonnet Books Farm Girl Vintage Quilty Fun
$59.76 for 36 HAPPY COLORS Fat Quarters ($1.66 each fat quarter)

I have lots of bundles and won’t sell out! . USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping is $8.95. (I’m even giving a discount on the shipping because my cost is $11.95) Each bundle is unique but has some of Lori Holt’s fat quarters in it along with bright HAPPY COLORS in small print of gingham, plaid, polka dots, floral, marble, geometric, vintage, etc. I custom make each bundle so if you have a request for extra red, orange, blue, etc… Or need more gingham, polka dot, etc… Just let me know. I’ve been studying these HAPPY COLORS for a while now and think I have a good feel for it! You will even get a free gift in your package because Happy Mail isn’t Stitches Quilting Happy Mail if there isn’t a free Quilty item included.

In celebration of the giveaway, most of Lori Holt’s fabrics and notions are on sale so click here to view them all in the shop and I bet you can’t find better prices anywhere.

Tomorrow I’ll declare the winner of the books. If you randomly happen to win the books then of course there would be no cost for shipping with a purchase of HAPPY COLORS Fat Quarter Bundle.

If you live outside the US, let me know where you live and I will get you the shipping cost. This week I have shipped these Happy Colors to Germany, Hungary and Brazil. Pretty fun eh? Shipping seems to be about $30 as long as it is under 4 pounds.

👩❤️👩 Let’s make lots of bright happy colored quilts to spread around the world with LOVE!
Lots of Quilty Love and Best Wishes for Happy Stitches!
Deanna Wall Stitches Quilting Stitching Through Life



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    1. I love going to the beach and just hang out for the day with my family. Sometimes we do fun water sports.

    2. My favorite summer time activity is heading for the mountains. We live in central Florida where it is flat! And the mountains are so refreshing. Thanks for the very generous giveaway!

      1. Jocelyn, We live just 15 minutes from the ski resorts here in Utah. So for exercise we hike in the mountains! I love smelling the smells, hearing the rushing water and sounds. It is so nice because it is just right here and we need to appreciate it more. I’ve lived where it was flat and understand but at least you have water either way! Thank you for the reminder to enjoy these mountains! Which mountains do you enjoy from where you are?

    3. My favorite thing to do is sit on the back deck at dusk and watch the lighting bugs while listening to the sounds of the night creatures as they sing their songs. I live in the country and can watch the moon rise while looking at stars that never seem to end. It’s calming after a hectic day. I can let my mind and body relax and just enjoy nature. Rina

      1. Rana, Wow!!! Thank you for reminding me of lighting bugs!!! Those are some of my most cherished childhood memories growing up in Pennsylvania. We don’t have lightning bugs here in Utah! It sounds so beautiful where you are! I am glad that you are using nature to unwind from the world. I love the country and wish I lived on more land and could see more stars like you. But I always try to be happy no matter where I am and appreciate what is around me. Happy Summer Rina and keep enjoying your summer evenings!

    4. My favorite summer activity is gardening. With the weather being so hot lately I am still able to do more quilting than usual. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

      1. Thanks Janie for the comment about gardening! I actually need to get all Stitches Quilting orders shipped and pull myself away to weed a garden! I’m not dreading the weeding at all because I get to just calmly think and enjoy the outdoors. I need to just take my sewing machine and computer out to our covered patio! It is so beautiful outside. I’m grateful for the excuse to get back inside from the hot weather to quilt and sew! Very Fun!

    5. My favorite summer time activity is canoeing on our beautiful rivers in the MO Ozarks.

      1. Kathy! Wow! That just sounds so dreamy and wonderful to canoe on the Ozarks rivers. I can’t do that here in Utah but maybe my husband and I need to travel in our RV for an experience like that. We did enjoy Branson Missouri last summer. That was a fantastic trip and you live in a very beautiful place! Happy Summer Days! Deanna

    6. I am really enjoying bicycling!!!

      1. Michele! All of you quilters are inspiring me. My husband suggested getting our bikes out for some summer morning riding on Sunday. We need to get those bikes down from the garage hooks and ride tomorrow morning!

    What are your thoughts?