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Honoring Mothers for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day 2015 gift

Mother’s Day is a special day of the year to honor mothers and women important to you that have played a critical role in your life.  It is an unique time to let all those special people out there know just how really important and valued they are.  I love nothing more to receive homemade, handmade or personalized gifts or share ideas for Mothers Day gifts.  For gift giving, I just love to make something personal for those I am trying to honor.  Now I can only number on maybe two hands the handmade gifts given to me, but those gifts are certainly the gifts I cherish those above and beyond anything else.

mothers day toile fabric

At Stitches Quilting, we have some unique fabrics for you to use to honor those mother’s, grandmother’s and daughters our there everywhere.  First we have these out of print toile fabrics from the collection “Watch Over Me” designed by J Roche & C Kramer for Chanteclaire fabric pattern 322 color navy blue 1 color red 7.  The toile scene features a vintage mother and child carefully walking along with a beautiful angel watching over them from above.  I love this fabric because as we are watching over our loved ones there are others watching over all of us.  We are never alone.  This fabric comes in the hue of a red wine type color and a navy blue.  Below you can see a pillow sham that I created out of the Navy Blue “Watch Over Me” and a table runner made out of the Red Wine “Watch Over Me”.  I have seen beautiful quilts made from these fabrics.  You would want to design the quilt so that it had large blocks to feature the scenes depicted in the toile fabric.  It would be simple to create a very quick quilt from these fabrics as you would want to accent the fabric and allow the toile scene to be the feature.  There are many shades of reds and wines along with navy blue fabrics to coordinate with these toiles.

Floral Mothers Day 2015


At Stitches quilting, we have another unique set of coordinates designed by Nicole de Leon actually called Mother’s Day Bouquet manufactured by Alexander Henry.  The main piece titled “Mother’s Day” features mothers with their children in various settings with bright colors and flowers for Mother’s Day.  I have never seen a piece of quilting fabric like this.  The coordinating fabric is a gorgeous bouet of brightly colored flowers.  These fabrics could be used to create a beautiful quilt honoring the generations of motherhood.  It would be easy to combine a contrasting black, white or other brightly colored fabrics to feature these coordinates.  This fabric is a 100% cotton high quality quilting fabric by a the well renowned manufacturer of Alexander Henry.  Another excellent gift to make from these fabrics would be a diaper bag, tote, zipper pouches, bibs, burp pads, diaper changing mat, quilt for mother or quilt for a brand new mother to celebrate. A.H. Prints 15146 D12 and 15147 D Made in Japan



Below are just a few ideas of items I have already made with these fabrics. The King Sized Pillow Sham is cross hatched quilted on the front of it with a scalloped edge.  The table runner is diagonally quilted with four lines of extra quilting around the scalloped edges.  Both of these items were machine quilted on my domestic machine.  Included in the pictures is a photo of my mother, Deanna, that passed away from Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 2005.  If you would like to subscribe to the blog, I will send you the pattern for the King Sized Pillow Sham and Table Runner.  I will also publish this week a video tutorial to learn how to machine quilt a cross hatched scalloped pillow sham on your domestic sewing machine.  It is extremely simple and easy to do.

Toile Mothers Day gift Up close Toile Samples


Items to create with these fabric collections are really up to you and your imagination and how you want to celebrate the mothers and those women around you!

Please comment about this post with additional ideas that you have to celebrate the women around you this special time of year.  What are your traditions in your family to honor those lovely women that sacrifice so much on your behalf?  I would love to hear your ideas of items that you have made in the past, received in the past or other acts of service or traditions that you do to celebrate those you love.  Send me photos of items or ideas that you have made either with these featured fabrics or with other fabrics you already have collected and used and also indicate if you would like to give me permission to publish them on the website to share with others.

May the work of your hands, delight the soul!

With love,

Deanna from Stitches Quilting

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