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I just got my NEW Long Arm Quilting Machine by Innova!!!!

My first Long Arm Quilting Machine in my actual home!

I just got my NEW long arm quilting machine by Innova!!!!  I am simply SEW excited!  This is utterly amazing!  I have always wanted my very own long arm but it was difficult to justify.  I finally sold enough fabric to save up and buy the machine!  I am in seventh heaven.  Waking up each day starting a creative project and then finish it on the long arm will be incredible!  I don’t feel like able to quilt my quilts with my domestic machine anymore…. not with all the things that I day-dream to do!  Wow this will be a learning curve but Innova has a week-long course on how to use the machine and make it WORK!  When they installed the machine they gave me a mini lesson.  I have my good friend Renae Haddadin, that is an expert award-winning machine quilter.  She ordered the exact same machine as me and she said that she will help me too!

The long arm machine I purchased was the Innova Quilting System 22″ with the lightning stitch regulator.  Renae Haddadin is now a dealer for Innova Longarm Sewing Machines and an award-winning expert in long arm quilting.
Exciting days, months and years ahead!  It feels good to be creative and create.

Here is a video of me purchasing the machine at the Home Machine Quilting Show(HMQS) in Salt Lake City Utah in May of 2010!

Purchasing my first Long Arm Quilting Machine

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