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Lets Bake Sew Along Quilt Organization

Let's Bake Sew Along Organization Tools

Lets Bake Sew Along Quilt Organization

Lets Bake Sew Along Quilt Organization is needed to manage all the many pieces and things to do for this baking quilt!

At Stitches Quilting, we designed Let’s Bake Sew Along Quilt Custom Organization sheets just for YOU!  This way you won’t lose all those adorable pieces of fabric and supplies!

Let's Bale Sew Along Binder Organization

So… download the printable and get organized with a 3 ring binder and sheet protectors!

Check out the 1st page of the 33 page download to help you feel progress as you make your Let’s Bake Sew Along Blocks

Let's Bale Sew Along Quilt Block Progress

There are 33 pages in the download and here is an example of a Let’s Bake Sew Along Block Summary Sheet where you can take notes and mark in the pink box what shapes you will need to use.

Let's Bake Sew along Organizer Lori Holt Bee In My Bonnet


Click here for the Lori Holt Bee In My Bonnet –  Let’s Bake Sew Along pattern and first post about the quilt is here!

Lets Bake Quilt Information

Let’s Bake Sew Along Accordion Organizer to carry everything else that you need to create your blocks!  Don’t ever lose carefully cut out and embroidered items again!

Let's Bale Sew Along Accordion Suitcase Organizer

In a Scrappy Happy way we decked out a Let’s Bake Sew Along accordion suitcase!  In this fabric covered accordion suitcase, I store ric rac, Let’s Bake Sew Simple Shapes, extra fabric, glue and MORE!  Our next blog post and live video will have complete instructions on how to make your own Let’s Bake Sew Along Accordion Suitcase!  Next thing I’m doing is going to relabel the sections with my labeler!  What would you organize in here?  Can you imagine wanting to work on your Let’s Bake Quilt and only have a few things to look in for all of your supplies and instructions?

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Use Bee In My Bonnet Sewing Tins available at Stitches Quilting to store your Chunky Thread.  Select from five different colors for your sewing tins to organization in vintage style!

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All your Aurifil thread and Aurifil Floss can also be organized in your sewing tins too!  Remember there is now Aurifil thread in 50 wt. for machine piecing or machine embroidery or your Let’s Bake Quilt Blocks.  Aurifil has a selection of 80 wt. thread for your hand embroidery stitching that is thinner and just beyond smooth!  Of course the Aurifil Embroidery Floss comes in an assortment of 20 or 10 spools.  All these collections are especially curated to coordinate with Lori Holt’s fabrics and patterns.  The Aurifil thread runs like butter through my sewing machine.  I can truly tell a difference.  Aurifil is a luxury like candy that has no calories and lasts for just almost forever whether on the spool or embedded in my quilts.  Yum!

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Organize Let's Bake-Quilt Blocks on Your-Design Board


Pull together all the Let’s Bake Quilt Blocks supplies on your Design Board as you construct the happy fun!

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Nifty Needles Color-coded for each purpose available at Stitches Quilting

Nifty Needles are something that I am enormously enjoying this sew along as we are working with so many different types of thread.  The color coded needles make stitching easy as I can easily identify the uniquely needed needles for each task.  AND…. best of all I know exactly where to put that needle back and never have to be confused which type of needle I am using!  This Nifty Needle Case fits perfectly inside your binder ready and waiting for when you need them.

Don’t forget to download your 31 page Let’s Bake Sew Along Organization Sheet to put in your very own binder with sheet protectors!   Organization coming your way!


Let’s Bake Video Tutorial Week 3 from Facebook!  Be sure to follow Stitches Quilting on Facebook and YouTube too!

Well I have so much more to still share with YOU!  A blog post with instructions to make your very own Accordion Suitcase and more organization tips and tricks!  How do you organize all your goodies?

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