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Quilt to Celebrate American Flag

American Flag Quilts

Quilt to Celebrate American Flag?

As Quilters we love to make patriotic quilts to cherish the things we value most! One of my most favorite things to celebrate is my love for nation and home.

Betsy Ross stitching American flag


In Philadelphia, Betty Ross stitched the flag during the 1700’s and we are still celebrating it today.  She stitched it together at great risk but did so to unite the people of the colonies.  I loved visiting Betsy Ross’ home in Philadelphia!

American Flag Waving in the Wind

Today our American flag has changed with the adding of 50 states.  As quilters, we get to follow that tradition by Betsy Ross.  I love to study the way sewing celebrates our American heritage.

Bargello Flag Quilt

Bargello Flag Quilt made with a simple strip quilting method.

Star Spangled Banner Embroidered on Flag Quilt

On this Bargello Flag Quilt is embroidered the Star Spangled Banner in a wave movement.

Star buttons sewed onto Bargello Flag Quilt

Bargello Flag Quilt embellished with buttons.  It took me a long time to collect enough different star buttons for this quilt.   It looks like I lost a couple star buttons.  I like the random nature of the star button.  The quilting helps the envision the movement of the waving flag.  One of my most favorite patriotic memorials in is Baltimore at Fort McHenry, as it really helps you appreciate the flag and the Star Spangled Banner.

America Flag Patriotic Quilt with Toile Fabric

I love how the Americana Flag stands out with the toile historic fabric around it.

Patriotic Americana Quilt Picnic Blanket
This is a quick quilt that I put together to use a special collection of 911 fabric printed in 2002.

911 Patriotic Fabric with Firemen

I opened my Stitches Quilting in 2002, so this was one of the first deliveries of fabric I received at my store.

911 Patriotic Fabric with Firemen

I used a beautiful home dec fabric from Moda as the backing of the quilt.  I quickly sold out of both the 911 fabric and Moda Home Dec Fabric.   Our sweet little family was entering a new phase of life and I enjoyed embroidering our family’s names on this sweet picnic quilt.

Well these were some fun photographs for today’s patriotic post.  Tomorrow will be a post about more patriotic decor, history and celebration.

How do you celebrate your patriotism?  I haven’t had to make personal sacrifices for this country but I revere and love all that do.  Do you quilt to celebrate the American Flag?  What things have you made?  What have been your most cherished items to make?  What are some of your favorite historical American places to visit?

Happy 4th of July!

Deanna Stitches Quilting Toile

What are your thoughts?