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Sewing Tutorial Zoe Zombie Doll and Bones Immortal Dog

Zoe Zombie and Bones

Do you happen to pick up just fantastic fabric panels from time to time but somehow don’t seem to get them done?  Sometimes I am disappointed with the end result that doesn’t look quite like I had imagined!  I have to say that this Zoe Zombie Doll and Bones her Immortal Dog did not disappoint me!  What do you think?

Zoe and Bones Good

The trick for me on this panel was that before I even cut the panel apart I long armed the pieces giving each one structure and form with the 80/20 Warm and Natural Batting and muslin backing.  The tutorial for How to Quilt a Fabric Panel and particularly the ideas to accentuate Zoe and Bones.   I have lots of thoughts, pictures and actual video of the tutorial for Zombie Apocalypse Fabric Panel by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake Designs.  If you are interested in purchasing this fabric panel it come free when you purchase a Zombie Love Fat Quarter Kit by Emily Taylor Designs for Riley Blake Fabric

I have to tell you that my family and I really enjoyed making Zoe and Bones come to life for our Fall Festivities!

Zoe the Zombie Doll body part pieces that you will need.

Zoe Zombie Doll Arms Legs Blog1600
Zoe Zombie Doll Body Blog1600

Bones the Immortal Dog body pieces that you will need.

Bones Zombie Body Blog1600
Bones Zombie Ears Belly Blog 1600

Additional Supplies Needed:  a NEW Demin Jean Needle for your sewing machine, Gray Thread and Stuffing

Let’s Get Started to Bring to Life Zoe the Zombie Doll:

  1.  Cut out the quilted body part pieces for Zoe.  For the arms and legs, I left about a 1/4 inch seam allowance around them but with the Zoe Front and Back Body pieces I cut them along the outer edge of the doll.  Be sure to mark where the location of the arms are on the doll front and back pieces.
  2. The arms and legs are constructed in a tubular manner.  Fold one arm piece in half with right sides together and sew around the arm starting at point A and ending at point B.  Turn inside out and stuff until firm.  Repeat with the second arm.  Set aside arms.
    Zoe Zombie Arm
  3. Fold one of Zoe’s legs in half with right sides together.  Sew around the leg, leaving the straight edge open.  Turn inside out, stuff until firm.  Repeat with other leg.
  4. Use a fat knitting needle or other blunt object to push the seams of the arms and legs all the way out after turning them inside out.
    Zoe Zombie Doll wm
  5. I did not close the openings of the arms or legs and did not allow the stuffing to poof out where I was going to attach the arms and legs to the body of Zoe.  We already have a lot of layers to sew through with the batting and fabric.  You can see in the picture that I have positioned Zoe’s Arms and stitched them to her body.
    Zoe Arm pinned and stitched
  6. Now attach the legs to the body bottom.  (Refer to photo)
    Zoe Legs Stitched On
  7. Match up the front and back body pieces of Zoe the Zombie Doll.  It is important to notice that you want to make sure that her hair, neck, dress white stripe are matched up on the body as those will be noticeable pieces to not have accurately matched when turned inside out – see photos and video for additional help on this.
  8. First stitch her head together first matching her collar and hair on each side.
    Zoe Front and Back Step 3
  9. Leave the legs hanging out with the arms tucked in, stitch the front and back of the Zoe the Zombie bodies together Leaving the bottom of her dress open to turn her inside out.
    Zoe Front and Back Step 2
  10. Stuff Zoe the Zombie doll firm and hand stitch her dress bottom completely closed.
    Zoe Stitched Together
  11. There she is!  Embellish her with some of your own home elements or leave her just exactly as she is!  Sweet isn’t she?


Let’s Get Started to Bring to Life Bone’s the Immortal Zombie Dog:

  1.  Cut out all of Bone’s Quilted body part pieces of the left body side, right body side, underbelly, front ear piece and back ear pieces.
    Bones Ears
  2. Sew together Bone’s front and back left and right ear pieces.  The back side is polka dotted and the right side is black.  Turn the ears inside out and finger press the quilted ears.  No stuffing is needed as they have great structure to them.
  3. Fold the underbelly of Bones along the dotted line.  Pin the underbelly to match “E” and “F” side of the left quilted body then stitch together.  Next pin the underbelly to match along with the “D” and “C” sides of the right quilted body finish stitching the underbelly to the right side of the quilted body.  Bone’s is starting to take shape eh?
    Bones Underbelly
  4. Line up the ears on the left side of the Bones body and stitch into place.
  5. If needed, trim some of the batting from the ear seam when you are attaching them to the body to have less fabric to sew through.  I decided to offset the ears when stitching the top of the body together so my sewing machine needle would smoothly go across all layers.  (See photo)
    Bones Underbelly collar matched
  6. It is important to make sure the Bone’s green collar is matching under Bone’s chin and the back of his neck.  These would be obvious places that one would notice if his body was not stitched together right.
    Bones Collar
    Bones Underbelly collar grn matched
  7. Start stitching the top part of Bone’s right and left side of the body together starting at Bone’s neck to ensure the matching of his green color and then leaving open a 2 to 3 inch space at the back of his body below his tail.
    Bones all Stitched
  8. Turn Bone’s body inside out from the opening.  Use a long blunt knitting needle or object to ensure that all seams are pushed all the way out.
  9. Stuff Bone’s the Immortal Zombie Dog and hand stitch his opening completely closed
  10. There he is!  Embellish Bones with some of your home element or leave him just exactly as he is!  Darling isn’t he?
    Zoe and Bones Good
    Zoe Zombie and Bones


I would just love if you emailed me a photo of own created versions of Zoe and Bone’s!  I would love to see how they turned out.  If you get stumped anywhere do not hesitate to email me!

What extra ideas do you have to embellish Zoe or Bones and share your ideas or tips to construct them.  Post your photos and #ZoeZombieBonesDog so all can search them and see your fantastic ideas!  YEA!  It sure feels great to share!

What are your thoughts?