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Sewing with your teenager a Whimsical Brown & Pink Trendy Quilt – Ouch she sewed through her finger!

Sewing with teenagers or pre-teens to quilt isn’t difficult especially when the task is broken down into bite size pieces with a simple, trendy, attractive and whimsical project.

Emily’s Finished Quilt

Nothing is better than to share my love of quilting with others and introduce to them the joy of the craft. I especially enjoy sewing with teens or pre-teens! I have taught many classes through the years to young teens. It is amazing what they can create, how good they feel about themselves while gaining confidence that they can reach outside their comfort zone to learning a new skill. The sheer amazement and pride seen in their eyes as they examine a finished project that they never imagined they could accomplish. Lessons can be learned in the process of quilting which may seem to one like a big project but when broken into small pieces with encouragement, proper instruction and a reasonable pattern that they can do it. There has never been a better time to introduce how to quilt with trends going in the direction of big, simple and bold!

Attached is a video of me sewing with my step-daughter Emily. When we first started this quilt, she actually sewed through her finger straight to the bone. Not fun at all! But Emily overcame this mishap to sew again to finish the quilt! Watch the video to see her overcome her fear!

Video to watch construction of Whimsical Brown and Pink Quilt with Emily!

Later I long armed it for her and it has been a quilt that she has been found curled up in. She has later in life sat at the sewing machine to quilts and even knows how to long armed now!

Enjoy quilting with your kids; not only do they learn confidence in doing different things but it is a bonding experience that you will grow together in. Enjoy long talks while stitching away and learn about your loved one. I try very hard to allow all beginners to do almost everything, so they truly have pride in the end result with the learning of new skills. My number one goal is that they can tell others that they made the quilt without a tinge of guilt that their step-mom or teacher really made most of it.

Happy Stitching!


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