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    1. Thank you for your help with my order, Deanna. It has confirmed again for me that quilters are lovely and generous people.
      Fran Hoadley

    2. Hi This is Deanna at Stitches Quilting!

      I am trying to make the checkout process as smooth as it can be. Please let me know if you are having any difficulty. I appreciate any feedback as it helps me improve the checkout process. Who wants to wait in a long line to check out at the store? My phone number if you are having any difficulty is (801) 918-8792 or you can email me at

      If you feel like the postage is not calculating correctly, I’d really like to know. You can check out with “Local Pick Up at Store” for shipping and then I will make sure your shipping costs are only exactly what it costs to send it to you. Nothing makes me happier than calculating postage and seeing that it is less than you paid and then processing a credit for the difference on your payment method immediately.

      I miss having personal contact with my customers! I love your phone calls and committed that you have a good experience. I’m always here to help you pretty much any time of the day! I can completely take the order over the phone and you don’t need to mess with any online stuff at all.

      May the work of your hands, delight the soul!

      Best Wishes for Happy Stitches,

      (801) 918-8792

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