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    1. Money was removed from my account on September 26th. I want to know the status of my order please. I sent an email to Deanna and was told there were no problems and that I would receive an email with a tracking number two Mondays ago…..I’ve still not received it. Please let me know what is going on or I will refer the problem of paying for an item and not receiving either said item or any information pertaining to it, to my Credit Union. I have sent two emails to Deanna but have not heard anything in return.

    2. I see no other way to contact..Order #9452 was placed on August 28, 2015 and is currently Processing. Sept 5, still processing. Please respond.

    3. looking for 1/2 yard of the brown on brown cottontail toile 2802-37. Please check for me.Thanks

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