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Pinterest-Quilt-Blogger GroupIf you are a Quilt/Sewing Blogger and would like to participate in a shared Pinterest Quilt Sewing Blogger Group Board, then please complete the form below with your name, email address, blog address and Pinterest account name.  We will then invite you to be a member of the Pinterest Quilt Sewing Bloggers Group Pinning Board.  After you are a member of the board, you can then post your original blog posts to the board and we will then share each other’s Quilty Blog Posts on Pinterest from the group board to our personal boards.

I belong to a similar board for Utah Bloggers but would like to see support for a Quilty Sewing Fabric Blogger Group.  My Pinterest Account is at


Pinterest board members are for our favorite Quilting Sewing Bloggers! Board Rules: Pin all your new content here (only once) share from this board. If you have a fabulous older post that you would like to share that you worked so hard on that don’t hesitate to share!  Using a scheduler to pin the entire board often is encouraged. If you don’t have a pin scheduler, Pin at least 5 pins weekly from the board. Give some and share some is the purpose. ONLY INVITE TRUSTED QUILT SEWING BLOGGERS to the board.

If you feel comfortable with this submit your information in the secure form below.   Please provide the email address that your Pinterest Account is under.  The learn the name of your Pinterest Account just log into your account and your user name is in your URL as user name .  You can also find your user name on your tablet or phone under your profile and it will be listed as “@username” under the name of your account.

As soon as I have your information, then I will invite you to be a member of the Quilting Sewing Bloggers Pinterest Board!

Let’s start to network and share what we are passionate about.

Happy Stitching and Pinning!


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