Strategies to Strengthen Parents of Special Needs Parents to do More than J

31 Days of Strategies to Strengthen Parents of Special Needs Children

31 Days of Strategies to Strengthen Parents of Special Needs Children

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Day 1: Please know you have other people feeling just like YOU but we have each other!

Day 2: Have a sense of SELF – I know this sounds like a broken record – but just read my thoughts on this and then share yours – TAKE TIME FOR YOU – JUST ONE HOUR!

Day 3:  Focus on only one day or one hour at a time – don’t think too far!

Day 4:  Becoming mindful of the beautiful things around you!

Day 5:  Finding Pleasure – yes I am serious Pleasure!

Day 6:  Are you sleeping?  Is your child sleeping?  Is your family sleeping?  First thing to fix and get SERIOUS about!

Day 7:  Mourning for your child – Stages – Self Talk!

Day 8:  Mourning your dreams – Stages – Self Talk!

Day 9: Pulling oneself upward and out! Do we move around so much just so we won’t sink!

Day 10:  Reinventing yourself

Day 11:  Reinventing your dreams

Day 12:  Reinvent the dreams for your child

Day 13:  Staying Positive

Day 14: Being Healthy…. Really… do you really need to say THAT – I hear it all the time!  This time it is different READ!

Day 15:  Be content with your best

Day 16:  Spend some time outdoors – What do you see?

Day 17:  Get out in the community – What do you observe?  Think inward now, what is inside of you and your child?

Day 18:  Let’s get down to it – What is REALLY going to make your child happy!

Day 19:  Socializing strategies for you and your child.

Day 20:  Modeling – Parental Imprinting – As you thrive, they will thrive.

Day 21:  We are a lonely bunch – but let’s rework the model we are in to individually fit us.

Day 22:  Seek adult personal growth.

Day 23:  Patience…. Yuck don’t we hate that word!

Day 24:  Hope – What is it?  Do I even dare to hope?

Day 25:  Daily Routines and Structure for you AND your child?

Day 26:  Behavioral Strategies so you don’t pull your hair out – What motivates you and What motivates your child – Let’s break it down

Day 27:  I’m doing everything but it just isn’t making a difference!

Day 28:  Change one thing at a time – don’t create overwhelm.

Day 29:  Follow your gut you know your child best!

Day 30:  Tap into outside resources – spend the time – its worth it! AND Finally Higher Powers, FAITH – Your Compass – Your Core.

Day 31:  We have each other and we are a community that we can learn and grow from!



3 thoughts on “31 Days of Strategies to Strengthen Parents of Special Needs Children

  1. This is such an encourageing post, even though it’s sad in some ways. I am not a special needs parent, but an adult with disabiliteis and yet I can relate to some of what parents are going through. It’s a lonely journey sometimes, so posts like yours help to remind us that we’re not really alone.

  2. Great post, I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your 31 days! Visiting you from the 31 days challenge!

  3. Thank you for writing and doing this! It’s coming at a time when I could really use it. I’m a follower on IG, that’s how I found this. 🙂 In so many ways this post is talking to me, however, I also feel like I’m not deserving. You see, my youngest does not fit under the typical “special needs” labeling. However, she has a chronic medical condition. So far she’s been diagnosed with GERD’s and they’ve flat out admitted they cannot figure out what else. Most of the time, no one knows there’s anything wrong with her – she so happy – and they can’t understand why I look so run down and haggard… There’s not too many people out there that can grasp the concept of very rarely being able to sleep more than 3 hours straight and, if I’m lucky, 6 hours total. Each and every single night since she came home from the hospital 2.5 years ago… To be woken from a deep sleep by the sound of your child screaming out in pain, night after every single night, not only wears on you physically but emotionally as well. Plus, we live in a small town where hubby had lived his whole life. I only moved here to be with him. To the people here, I’m an outsider. Always will be. I have no friends or family here except his. It’s not easy… So. That’s me and why I’ll be back religiously to read these posts. Thank you!

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